Shortman Media Transparent Costs No Hidden Fees


Basic Hourly Rate

It is important to me, as a small business owner, to know that my clients have all the information they need to make an informed choice regarding my services. This is why I offer a promise to always be transparent about my costs, and let you know exactly how much my fees will be.

All of my fees are based on a standard hourly rate of £25 per hour. Whether you request web design, copywriting, or social media support, you’ll always be paying the same rate. And if a package deal works out better for both you and me, I will offer you a flat fee for an agreed project. I am also willing to consider a reduced hourly rate for long-term contracts.



I offer a range of options to suit your needs, and will discuss this with you during your free initial consultation.

Pay-as-you-go packages are invoiced at the hourly rate once per week. You only pay for the hours that you use, however work is carried out subject to my availability. This kind of package is best for businesses with only ad hoc support needs.

Retainer packages offer you a set number of hours per week or per month. Those hours are guaranteed for you throughout the length of your contract, making this a better option for businesses requiring regular support.

Project packages can be created for specific projects such as website design, social media set-up, or blog posts, where the time required to complete the project is easier to predict.

Whichever package you choose, you will always receive a comprehensive breakdown of how the hours have been used, as I track my work using Toggl.