A True Passion for Writing

My love of writing goes right back to my childhood. I remember losing myself for hours in stories and books, discovering the absolute power that words can hold, and feeling this deep desire to use words to explore and express life in all its glory.

It wasn’t just a childhood whim – as I moved through my education at Secondary School I had various teachers comment on how fluent and passionate my writing was. They could see this fire within me, which filled my work, no matter the subject – I could write just as passionately about a Biology experiment as I could about the works we were studying in English Literature.

This desire to communicate led me to undertaking a degree in German and Russian, which was both wonderful and incredibly frustrating! I will always love discovering new sounds and words and cultures through language study; but I’ll also always feel a little bit disorientated when the language doesn’t come as naturally to me as English does. Because that’s what I’ve discovered over the years, English is like one of my closest friends… the words hold so much power, and I know how to use that power to connect with others in so many ways.

Which is why, when I decided to set up my own business, I knew that writing would be a major part of that. It is my passion, and it is the greatest skill I have to offer when helping you to share your passions with the world.

So why not find out more about my copywriting services, check out some of my previous work and what clients have to say about working with me, or read my blog for inspiration and support. Sharing my passion allows me to help you share yours… so tell me, what’s your passion?